Video painting



Cajamarca – PERU

Iglesia San Fransisco

October 2023

I was delighted to meet you on Wednesday, October the 4th, in front of the San Francisco Church, Plaza de Armas, Cajamarca (Peru), for the premiere of “Yuragachi”.

This piece, which prefigures the major “Yuragachi Cajamarca Illuminada” project, was screened during the week of October 4-8 at 8pm.

A first, short work, from the ancestral pre-Inca origins to the Inca Atahualpa and Pissaro the conquistador, with a first look at the popular Cajamarcan traditions of carnival and bullfighting…

A project for Cajamarquinos and for all visitors to this astonishing region of the northern Andes. What a pleasure to see so many of you!

October 2023