Video painting



Saint Raphael, France

Basilica of Our Lady of Victory

december 2013

Festival of Light

Argent gold and sable float the three colors
Flagging the convoy of Eastern powers
The Chaldean Magi march from the Euphrates Trio on their way to Damascus
Marching to the West like Abraham did
Crossing deserts of rock and sand
To celebrate the child God born in a stable

From Tarsus, Saba and the Persian Gulf
From the golden hourglasses of Ur flows dust
Modeling the statues of benevolent princes
Their palaces are tiaras on their ignorant foreheads
Monarchs crowned by their high walls
They march towards the star that shines in the firmament

On the way to Aleppo rises Babylon
Near the banks of the Tigris stand the walls of Ashur
And the mighty ramparts of the towers of Jebus
Symbols of the foretold glory of Jesus.
Far from vain conquests, it’s time for the Birth
Offerings of gold, frankincense and myrrh
Signs of royalty of mortal prayers
Kings travel together, forgetting war
Follow the divine star in search of Mystery

Desert wind turns sand to stone
And from the waters of the sea the stone becomes sand
Reducing all that surrounds power
Into residue of knowledge into powder
From the immense hourglass flows matter
From rocks crumbled by the breath of time
The Temple takes shape in ephemeral grains
As the desert moves with the whims of the winds

The roses of the great Erg are pollens of sand
Shimmering facets emerging from the dune
The royal convoy moves, sure and tireless
To the sacred grotto where the Infant God is enthroned
The assembled Family celebrates Emmanuel
Under the protective wing of the Angel Raphael